PIR Dual Combo Dual-pattern

Product #: SRPG-II


The SRPG-II combines quad PIR technology with advanced dual-tech glassbreak technology. This will provide a time saving, cost effective alternative to installing two seperate devices. The glassbreak portion uses a unique phased frequency circuitry which allows detection of both shock and glass breakage creating a high level of immunity to false alarms. This detector is combined with our PIR containing Crystal Vision technology. This technology is known to be five times more efficient than a traditional ""soft fresnel"" lens.
  • Specially designed, two detectors in one housing
  • Unique dual element pyro-sensor & hard spherical lens for outstanding detection,performance and elimination of false alarms
  • Shock and breakage detection with separate sensitivity adjustments
  • Allows detection of several windows with one detector
  • Unique signal analysis ignores environmental disturbances
  • Seperate relay outputs for PIR & glass breakage

Additional Information:

  • Safety Data Sheet *
  • SRPG2-support.pdf *
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