PIR 70 x 60 Money Saving 4

Product #: PIR1710/4


The field-proven PIR1710 passive infrared motion detector offers advanced NAPCO sensor technology for increased reliability and intruder “catch” performance. With a 70’ x 60’ broad coverage range and look-down creep zone that provides detection coverage directly beneath the sensor, the PIR1710 offers excellent protection for virtually any application. Other enhanced false alarm prevention features include, automatic SSP Signal Selective Processing for the easiest and most stable of installations, temperature compensation, white light protection and RFI/EFI shielding, combining to make the PIR1710 a natural fit for every residential or moderate commercial application, large or small.
  • 70’ x 60’ broad range coverage perfect for both residential and commercial
  • Features look-down/creep zone
  • SSP™ (Signal Selective Processing) for the easiest and most stable of installations
  • Auto Temp compensation
  • Advanced, EZ-Aim fresnel lenses and lens bank for optimum detection performance
  • Wall or corner mountable
  • Excellent EMI-/RMI-/lightning protection with resilient SMD circuitry
  • Tamper supervised
  • Form A relay

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