Mixer Rack Mount 2 Mono/4 Stereo In

Mixer Rack Mount 2 Mono/4
Stereo In

Product #: M-243L

Weight: 14.4


The M-243 from TOA Electronics is a single rack space six-channel stereo mixer. It features four stereo RCA inputs for sources such as CD players, tape players, or electronic instruments and two XLR microphone inputs with switchable high-pass filters. The mic inputs take priority over the stereo inputs for paging/background music applications.

The inputs can be independently assigned to any combination of the outputs to fully meet your needs. One stereo and two mono mix busses with separate level controlled outputs are provided, and the mono output can be switched to a stereo sum. High and low frequency EQs with clipping indicators are also provided for the stereo output for obtaining the perfect tone.
  • True Stereo Mixer
  • Four Stereo RCA Inputs for CD, tape, VCR, electronic instruments or other signal sources
  • Two XLR Microphone Inputs with switchable high pass filters
  • Auto-Priority of Mic Over Stereo Inputs for paging/BGM applications
  • Inputs Independently Assignable to any combination of outputs
  • One Stereo and Two Mono Mix Buses with separate level controlled outputs
  • Mono Output Switchable to Stereo Sum
  • Low and High Frequency EQ for stereo output (with clipping indicators)

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