Strobe Ceiling Mount Red 
Selectable Candela

Product #: CS-24R


The Potter CS Series is a ceiling mount strobe or horn/strobe combination that offers   visual alarms and the lowest current consumption. The CS offers tamperproof field selectable candela options of 15, 30, 75, 95, 115 and 150 candela. The models are shipped from the factory in the temporal three alarm mode. The Ceiling Mount Series comes standard with the 4" mounting plate which incorporates the popular Super-SlideĀ® feature that allows the installer to easily test for supervision. The product also features a locking mechanism which secures the product to the bracket without any screws showing. The CS also features the patented CheckmateĀ® - Instant Voltage Verification feature which allows the installer to check the voltage drop draw without removing the signal.


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