Smoke & CO Detector 4 Wire

Product #: COSMOD4W

Weight: 0.8


The i4 Interface Module connects up to 12 detectors to a wide range of control panels using only 2 to 3 zones.
  • Easily integrates up to 12 compatible detectors to a wide range of control panels
  • 4-wire module is compatible with COSMO-4W combination detectors and 4WTA-B smoke detectors.
  • Sends distinct smoke and CO signals from i4 detectors to the panel
  • LED indication shows when a detector on the loop requires cleaning or maintenance (2-wire detectors only)
  • Initiates the EZ Walk loop test (2-wire detectors only)
  • Module interconnects the sounders of all devices connected to it. No RSS-MOD is required. Optional trigger inputs are provided to sound multiple modules.

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