CO Detector 4 Wire12/24VDC
With Test Wall Mount

Product #: CO1224T

Weight: 0.7


The System Sensor CO1224T is a wired Carbon Monoxide gas detector. The electrochemical sensing tehcnology is fully UL compliant meeting the standards of UL2075. Similar to any CO detector, this device has a 6 year end of life. A trouble alert will be sent to the panel as you approach this time frame. For longer wire runs, we recommend using 18 gauge 4 conductor cabling: two for power and two for data. This is a suggestion, but not a requirement, smaller gauge wire can be used.

The power connections must be 12 or 24VDC. This can be accomplished by wiring them to the keypad (ECP) bus or setting up an auxiliary power supply. When idle, the CO1224T draws a 20mA current. If the detector senses CO gas it will trip and suddenly draw 40mA to power the local sounder and LED. If you have this connected to your panel's keypad bus be sure to calculate the 40mA as the max draw for this device.

The Data connections should be landed on any open zone terminals on the control panel such as a VISTA-20P. Any CO detection zone should be programmed as Zone Type 14 - Carbon Monoxide. Since CO Detectors are normally open (NO) devices you will want to strap the resistor in parallel across the data connections at the CO for end-of-line supervision. This will protect the system from any damage to the wired connection back to the panel.

We recommend using the "Real Test" patented technology which supports testing measures with canned CO. When tripped the CO detector will produce a local 85 dB temporal 4 sound and LED flashing. If the zone is properly configured it will also produce an alarm event and trigger any sounders wired to the alarm panel's bell output.

Please note: CO alarms generally require Fire Department dispatching even during false alarms due to the potentially fatal nature of CO gas. Before testing, always remember to place your security system on test if you are enrolled in central station monitoring.

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