Smoke Detector & Heat sensor
4 Wire

Product #: 541NBXT

Weight: 0.56


The 541NBXT four-wire conventional photoelectric smoke detector brings together trusted technology and a full line of features to meet the demands of every type of application. The 541NBXT is a sounder model in four-wire applications, specifically to meet residential code requirements. The 521NCSXT has the additional benefit of low current draw which makes it compatible with a wide variety of control panels. The 541NBXT also offers choices for optional auxiliary relays and isolated heat sensors, not available before in the 500 series. GE offers CleanMe, dust compensation, field replaceable optical chambers, multiple criteria heat algorithms, and self-diagnostics features.
  • Built-in sounder available in four-wire models
  • Patented CleanMe┬« feature
  • Built-in dust compensation
  • Field-replaceable optical chamber
  • Available in white

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