Relay Programmable 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs

Relay Programmable 2 Inputs,
2 Outputs

Product #: ELK-MM220

Weight: 0.42


The Magic Module (ELK-MM220) is a two digital input, two form C relay output programmable controller. It may be used as a stand alone field programmable controller in a vast array of applications from timers, single zone security system, pulse stretcher, simple process controllers, etc

The MM220 comes factory pre-programmed as a single zone security system and can be reprogrammed by using a personal computer. The MM220 program is stored into re-programmable Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEProm memory). The ELK-MB485 and the ELK-MM443 are required to program the ELK-MM220.
  • Two Digital Inputs
  • Two Relay Outputs (jumper programmable “transistor open collector” output on relay 2)
  • 4096 program bytes using SIMPLE programming language
  • 4 general purpose Counters, range 0 to 255 counts
  • 4 general purpose Timers, range 1/10 second to over 255 hours
  • Program stored in non-volatile EEProm memory
  • Surface Mount ABS Enclosure with Snap-On Cover