RS485 to RS232 Converter (Required for M

RS485 to RS232 Converter
(Required for M

Product #: ELK-MB485


The ELK-MB485 is used to communicate between a personal computer and an ELK-MM443 Magic Module™ Programmable Controller, 4 input, 4 output, iButton™ and X10® interface . The ELK-MB485 converts the computer's RS-232 Serial Data to RS-485 Data which is used by the ELK Magic Module™ series of products. This allows programs to be downloaded into the Magic Modules. Input and Output status can be displayed and controlled from the computer.
  • Converts RS-232 to RS-485 Data
  • Visual Power Indicator LED
  • 9 Pin Serial D-Connector
  • Terminals for 4-Wire Data Bus
  • Quick Connect 4-Wire Data Bus Cable
  • Data Interconnect Cable (4 Pin) included
  • Computer Serial Cable (9 Pin) included
  • Surface Mount ABS Enclosure with Snap-On Cover
  • Operating Voltage: 10.5 - 15 Volts DC, supplied from ELK-MM443
  • Current Draw: 40 mA DC, supplied from ELK-MM443
  • Enclosure Size: 4.5"" x 3"" x 1.2""